Saturday, December 24, 2005

Liquor Group goes Mini!

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

The liquor distributor that only 6 months ago had the smallest portfolio of 26 licensed distributors in Florida, is now the fourth largest in the state, and to show everyone that the fame has not gone to their heads, the sales team at Liquor Group has decided to go Mini! Yes, those unusual looking tiny cars from England are now the norm at Liquor Group, with each sales representative ordering their favorite color combinations from crème white to flame red! The decision was an easy one, as the sales managers from each territory determined that offering these fun cars to the sales team would be a unique way to give a perk and save a buck. “The minis make financial sense, they are great on gas, cheap to insure, have no maintenance, are very customizable, easy to add spirit brand advertising signage to and the sales reps love them!” says Jody Jordan, Sales Director for Liquor Group Florida “I ordered myself one in gunmetal gray.”

These cars will double duty as promotional vehicles for the Liquor Group’s Portfolio of products, with decals ranging from the Happy Vodka smiley faced logo, to the Signatory Scotch Emblem and even the Crater Lake Logo all slated for the sides and tops of these cars, giving them the racing look that attracts attention at events.

Even the managing member of Liquor Group, Gray C. Solomon has gotten in on the action, personally taking delivery of the first Mini at Liquor Group, which he is determined to drive as much as possible for client meetings and events, setting an example for the organization as a whole. “I know it looks funny to see a big guy like me try to get in and out of this clown car…”says Solomon “…but I will say this much, I have never had a client forget meeting me when they see me pour out the side of it!”
One thing is for sure, Liquor Group’s Innovative Distribution approach certainly isn’t small business by any stretch!

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