Thursday, May 25, 2006

Eiras goes Urban?

Jacksonville, FL

BEVSPY reports that C. J. Eiras, President of Happy Vodka, Happy Rum, Happy Tequila and Happy Gin Corporations ( and owner of Orchid Vineyards, the vintners of the exclusive multi-award winning Wild Orchid Estate Wines ( announced today that he has decided to go Urban…Urban Brands that is! Eiras has orchestrated the 100% buy-out of Urban Brands & Spirits. through careful negotiations with the previous ownership group. The terms of the deal are undisclosed, but the popular Party A Go Go ( booze in the box party product created by Urban Brands and their proprietary bottling facility and moved more than 60,000 cases in 2005 with distribution in many major markets throughout the US and Canada making Urban Brands a multi-million dollar asset.

Eiras is no stranger to the spirits industry, once an industry outsider with a single brand: Happy Vodka founded in 2001, Eiras has now successfully developed the Happy product line into a worldwide success and proved to wine aficionados with his Orchid Vineyards ( that a small vineyard working in the age old traditional manner can create excellent wines, good enough in fact to win not one but two Platinum “Best of Show” awards for two years running at the World Wine Competition (

The Party A Go Go portfolio includes: Classic Lime Margarita, Long Island Iced Tea, Appletini, Cosmopolitan, Blue Passion Fruit, Lemon Drop and of course the Chocolate-tini! Each is made with real alcohol not just flavored malt. The pre-made martini drinks will now be formulated with Happy Vodka and the Margarita will now feature Happy Tequila!

Party A Go Go uses a unique delivery system which allows consumers to use a portion of the 1.75 liter bag in the box pre mixed alcohol drink and then store the balance un-refrigerated for up to 1½ years without spoilage. Other features of this product make it superb for boaters, campers, travelers and event goers who need not worry about multiple bottles to mix a single drink, nor broken glass, nor large waste to dispose of, nor spoilage due to moisture or long term storage. Urban Brands had invested heavily into this technology with specialized bottling lines, unique bags with air-tight liners and equipment tailored to the bag in the box delivery system valued in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Plans for Urban Brands include the transformation of the Party A Go Go product line into a more diverse and recognizable staple, along with the fostering of other projects in conjunction with major record labels and television networks tied into the Urban market. Reworking the brands to be more “retailer friendly” is job #1 for Eiras, with #2 being the addition of new formulas to the product mix and #3 to begin co-branding with other popular spirits products.

All of this research and development effort goes un-noticed without the sales of a powerful distribution network; therefore as with all of Eiras’ other brands, Liquor Group ( has been selected to represent all Urban Brands products worldwide. Liquor Group begun by acquiring a new listing for Party A Go Go in the Control State of Virginia, with initial product hitting shelves in the state during press time. Liquor Group will take over existing distribution arrangements in TN, KY, NE, MN, ID, OH, IA, MO, TX and CA, adding even more states to their expansive operations to support Urban Brands growth curve. The Urban Brands portfolio is already available through Liquor Group in Florida and Michigan. With 31 states in the circuit already, you can expect to see Party A Go Go in a store near you by year end!

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