Thursday, April 25, 2013

Liquor Group ends relationship with North American Food & Beverage

April 25, 2013 Jacksonville, FL - After operating from 2007-2013 under the Liquor Group Wholesale (LIQR) banner, C. J. Eiras reported today that North American Food & Beverage Company (NAFB) is no longer licensed to utilize the Liquor Group trade name.  Eiras, whom since 2007 has served as President and CEO of LIQR and NAFB prior to that, remains in his current postings after a vote of the shareholders reaffirmed his positions on April 23, 2013.

North American Food & Beverage, which is a federally licensed alcohol distribution company, will begin exploring other business opportunities under Eiras' leadership, and has begun the process of restructuring and legally reorganizing its operations under Federal laws.  Eiras, whom also privately owns the Liquor Group distribution network currently operating in the majority of the US, feels that there are many opportunities available to NAFB and has chosen to dedicate the time and energy needed to facilitate it's new path.

Shareholders can continue to communicate directly with NAFB by clicking on this link.