Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Pravda Vodka in Michigan

Amherst, NY

Importer Charles Jacquin et Cie, Inc. has placed its Premier Polish Luxury Vodka brand Pravda with the Michigan brokerage services of Liquor Group Michigan, part of the fast growing Liquor Group spirits distribution network based in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.

Jaquin's Vice President, Jim Colosi said that the selection of Liquor Group was a logical choice given the firm's great success in the marketing of high quality spirits, "With Pravda widely recognized among the world's finest vodkas, we naturally wanted to make use of the best available brokerage firm in order to rapidly expand the brand's market share in Michigan. We are confident that Liquor Group will be able to meet the high expectations we have for this brand."

Pravda is classic Polish rye vodka with roots going back to the 1740s, and is now made in an ultra-modern distillery in the Carpathian Mountains of Southern Poland. There, late harvest sweet rye and pure mountain spring water go through a rigorous five column distillation process and extensive charcoal filtration, leading many to claim that Pravda is the world's smoothest vodka. An eight person taste test of each batch and exacting controls on the bottling process insure that the product that reaches the consumer will deliver the ultimate vodka experience. Pravda is available in 50ml and 750ml bottlings, with both sizes also seasonally available in attractive gift sets with two glasses.

Pravda Vodka has begun a massive brand distribution realignment coupled with an aggressive advertising and marketing blitz aimed at increasing awareness though hands on demonstration and customer participation. This type of hands on approach is what Liquor Group is well known for, and scheduled promotions include the “Judge for Yourself” tasting campaign wherein the Pravda demonstrator allows the consumer to taste test Pravda Vodka against several other brands such as Grey Goose Vodka, Level Vodka and Belvedere Vodka to name a few. This type of head to head competition lets the consumer decide whose vodka tastes the best, and the Pravda management team feels very comfortable that the average results favor their brand at a very high rate.

Liquor Group Michigan's State Manager, Steve Dodge, a 25 year veteran of brokerage and distribution business in the state said that his firm was very pleased to have added this highly regarded brand to their portfolio. "Our statewide sales force is excited to have the chance work with Pravda Super Premium Vodka. Pravda has created quite a stir in other markets and we look forward to having great success with it here in Michigan." Liquor Group's Managing Member, Gray C. Solomon, noted that the eye-catching frosted bottle with its sparkling jewel accent was "…a fitting package for this exceptional product." Pravda is yet another “jewel” in the Crown of Liquor Group, whose portfolio has now grown to more than 1200 spirits products, ranking it among the largest spirits distributors/brokers in several US markets and the 4th largest in Michigan and Florida.

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Monday, March 12, 2007

Three-D Spirits Rum Portfolio Now Available in Virginia

Petaluma CA

Three-D Spirits, Inc is pleased to announce that its popular line of Caribbean Rums will now be available in the Virginia market through Liquor Group, the fast growing distribution network based in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. Dan DeDalt, CEO of Three-D, said that Liquor Group was a logical choice for entry into the Virginia market given the blistering sales pace of the portfolio in other states where Liquor Group is handling distribution. "Liquor Group has surpassed my wildest expectations with their sales of our line in Florida and Michigan. They have done a wonderful job of shepherding our products through the approval process in Virginia and we look forward to brisk sales in the coming months." The products now being introduced to Virginia include:

Redrum, a blend of 100% Virgin Islands Rum blended with natural Mango, Pineapple, Coconut and Cherry flavors. The iconic tapered red glass bottle bears the hidden message made popular by a Jack Nicholson movie. Redrum is bottled at 70 proof and mixes beautifully with a variety of fruit juices and sodas. It makes a great addition to exotic cocktails, or enjoy it on the rocks.

VooDoo Spiced Rum, is made from 100%Barrel Aged Virgin Islands Rum infused with Madagascar Vanilla along with natural spice and fruit flavors. The barrel aging provides a silky smooth finish that makes your favorite mixed drink even better. Take the VooDoo Challenge at

Jolly Roger Rum is a silver Caribbean Rum with and eye-catching Pirate Flag label. This is the perfect base for all rum cocktails and is very reasonably priced.

Liquor Group's Managing Member, Gray Solomon, stressed that this rum line is much more than just pretty packaging. "The bottle and Label designs for these products are fun and innovative, but the quality of the products sets them apart from the rest of the pack. We are always glad to have premium products such as the Redrum line to offer our customers. These rums are the perfect accompaniment to summer on the Virginia beaches, or even to dreaming of the Virginia beaches." Redrum, VooDoo Spiced Rum and Jolly Roger Rum will be available in Bars, Restaurants and Retail Stores in the coming weeks.

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Monday, March 5, 2007

INDIO SPIRITS Now Available Through LG

Portland, OR, March 5, 2007. Portland based Indio Spirits, Inc. is pleased to announce that its entire product line will now be available in both the Florida and Michigan markets through Liquor Group, an innovative distribution network based in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.

Indio CEO John Ufford noted that Liquor Group's great success in the marketing of young specialty spirits lines was the main factor in his selection of the firm to handle his products. "The Liquor Group team has proven themselves with their successful development of sales for a number of small craft distilleries, including some of my Oregon distillery neighbors. We felt they were the ideal choice for our entry into these two key markets." Liquor Group's Managing Member, Gray Solomon stressed the high quality of the Indio portfolio "that blends very well with our existing product offerings," as a key to the successful launch of the line in Liquor Group's two largest markets.

The Indio Spirits portfolio is best known for its namesake Indio Vodka line. Sweet rye is distilled in small batches and filtered 24 times for an ultra-smooth finish. In addition to their highly regarded straight vodka which received a silver medal at the 2006 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Indio has developed a group of distinctive naturally flavored vodkas that currently includes Lemon Grass - Lime, Wasabi, Blood Orange and Oregon Marionberry (a variety of Blackberry). Each of the flavored vodkas has the same smooth finish as the straight vodka and is designed for producing a variety of cutting edge cocktails, although they are equally enjoyable chilled or on the rocks.

Also included in the Indio Spirits portfolio are:

Snake River Stampede Premium Blended Canadian Whisky. Sales of this premium product help support scholarship funds offered through the famed Snake River Stampede rodeo in neighboring Idaho.

Cricket Club Gin, a premium London style gin bottled at 86 proof.

Zircon Azul Reposado Tequila, a 100% Agave spirit is gently aged and packaged in a distinctive tapered blue glass bottle.

Vixen Rums, a line of Virgin Islands produced rums including Silver, Light, Dark, Spiced and 151proof. The eye-catching labels featuring 1940's Air Force B-52 Bomber Nosecone artwork will is sure to be a hit on any bar.

Chick Food Flavored Schnapps, naturally flavored including Apple, Cherry, Grape, Lime, Orange and Peach, bottled at 30 proof and featuring whimsical label artwork.

Octane 100 Proof Spirits, premium quality well price level line includes Vodka, Tequila, Rum, Gin and American Whiskey. The foil labels feature an edgy tattoo style logo.

Look for the entire lineup at your local liquor store, bar or nightclub in the coming months!

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