Monday, March 31, 2008

Liquor Group takes aim with Pshenychna Vodka

Ready, aim, shoot! Pshenychna Vodka, in a unique rifle bottle has been signed to Liquor Group, a specialty liquor distributor, in an agreement by Stanley Stawski Distributing. This smooth, yet brawny Vodka is distilled from neutral grain spirits, and imported directly from Russia is packaged in an unmistakable rifle shaped bottle. Rated as “Exceptional” by the Beverage Tasting Institute, it hit a bull’s-eye over its competition of over 100 vodkas tasted. Pshenychna Vodka hits the spot in martinis, on the rocks, or straight-up. “With the Vodka market being so competitive right now”, says Steve Dodge, Manager of Liquor Group Michigan, “it’s important to have a sharpshooter on our side.”

Pshenychna Vodka stands out on a bar or shelf, and is a great conversation piece, but the real conversation will start once your friends start to drink it. They won’t be disappointed.

For more information on Pshenychna Vodka or any other products offered by Liquor Group, or to find the sales representative in your area call 1-866-REACH-LG (1-866-732-2454) or visit the Liquor Group's website.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

How do you say “Luxury” in Polish? Liquor Group Knows.

Adamba Imports International has signed Liquor Group to represent Luksusowa Vodka. Luksusowa’s (which means Luxury in Polish) base is a distinct strain of potato grown on the Baltic Coast, and while the myth persists that most vodkas are made from potatoes.

The truth is very little of vodkas are; the majority of vodkas are made from whatever is cheap and readily available, grains mostly. The fact is, it takes ten times more potatoes than it would take grain to make 3 times distilled Luksusowa Vodka, which translates to smoother textures and richer taste. Blended with pure, un-polluted artesian well water, Luksusowa is devoid of minerals that could crystallize in vodka and cause undesirable sediment. Luksusowa Vodka is big, bold, the ester oils are pronounced with herbal notes that rest and hold on the tongue, but very silky smooth sliding down.

The nose and undertones both are described as caramel sweet, with an earthy mineral kick. Luksusowa is a proud to have won 4 gold medals, including the International Selection of Quality in Switzerland, and the highest international gold medal of all, the prestigious “Gold Medal with Palms” in Athens. Maybe the highest compliment itself comes from Pablo Picasso, who said, “The three most astonishing things in the past half century were: the blues, cubism, and Polish vodka.” New to the Luksusowa product line are the Luksusowa Flavors, luxury with a twist and the European pleasure of adding a hint of natural flavor to vodka.

Luksusowa Citrus Flavored Vodka is subtle with the hint of zesty lemon, giving Luksusowa a crisp, refreshing taste that is easily complimented by a splash of tonic water. Another suggestion would be to try a Luksusowa Citrus Collins.

Luksusowa Wild Berry Flavored Vodka has the rich natural flavors of blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, cranberries and a touch of wild cherries all blended together to create a burst of wild berry flavor. May we suggest trying a Luksusowa Wild Berry Sea Breeze, to enjoy during to summer?

There are plenty of drink recipes and ideas at , the Luksusowa website. For more information on any of the Luksusowa products or any of the other brands represented by Liquor Group, visit the website at or call 1-866-REACH-LG (1-866-732-2454).

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Liquor Group introduces Alexandar Vodka

Liquor Group Wholesale, a specialty distributor based in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, has recently signed an agreement with Kazbo Imports to represent Alexandar Vodka, a new import from Macedonia, in the Florida and Michigan markets. Alexandar Vodka is definitely five star quality, without the premium price. From the first class grains, to the soft, clean mountain water, to the 4 column distillation, 7 times filtered, and even the stunning imported Italian cobalt blue bottle, Alexandar Vodka is a dedication to craftsmanship, resulting in vodka of unparalleled taste and smoothness.

“Liquor Group is the right choice to distribute Alexandar Vodka”, says importer Brogan Pawezka, “a special vodka deserves a specialty distributor and Liquor Group has proven its ability to build high quality new brands.” According to Liquor Group Product manager Lowell Newman the initial marketing of the brand "will target the sizeable Macedonian and Greek populations in both states, but this is a truly premium product that will appeal to all vodka drinkers."

Alexandar Vodka’s website, , is filled with recipes, downloadable posters and screensavers. Every smooth and delicious sip of Alexandar Vodka will reassure you that this is the best vodka available at a reasonable price.

For more information on Alexandar Vodka or any other brands represented by Liquor Group call 1-866-REACH-LG (1-866-732-2454) or visit

Liquor Group welcomes Capstone International to the Family

Liquor Group, a specialty liquor distributor, signs Vikingfjord Vodka, John Barr Scotch and Linie Aquavit to it’s portfolio of great products.

Vikingfjord Vodka is made from the water of a 5,000 year old glacier in Norway’s cold mountain region. The water is very pure and has a very low mineral content. Vikingfjord is a 6 column distilled Norwegian Potato Vodka with more than 100 years of experience in every bottle. Vikingfjord Vodka is unsurpassed in quality and purity by any vodka on the market today.

Linie Aquavit is a white distilled potato spirit flavored with caraway and herbs. This uniquely Norwegian spirit, that since 1805 is stowed on ships for 4 1/2 months in oak barrels were the length of the voyage, the rolling of the ship, varying temperatures and sea air create a smooth, unparalleled taste.

John Barr Blended Scotch Whiskey in 1977 Johnny Walker Red Label was withdrawn from sales in the U.K. domestic market. John Barr Gold Label was introduced to fill in the gap. Using the same craftsmanship, quality, and attention to detail, John Barr whiskies are a blend of scotches comparable in taste to the leading brands. John Barr is priced well below the better known scotch brands. John Barr is available in 3 signature labels, Red Label, Gold Label, and Black Label.

John Barr Gold Label is rich, luscious and creamy, with a smooth and mellow blend of Speyside whiskies with a spicy richness, and a soft elegance.

John Barr Black Label is seductive and inviting with soft lingering nuances and undertones. Incredibly well balanced that is a long, unfolding gift to the palate, with a velvety finish.

“I would have to use words like phenomenal, and quality to describe Viking Fjord, Linie, and John Barr” says Steve Dodge, Manager of Liquor Group Michigan, “…We, Liquor Group, are proud to bring you these top-notch brands from Capstone International.”

Visit the Viking Fjord website at for drink recipes. Go to to learn more about Linie Aquavit, and also the John Barr website at for the label that fits your style. For more information about Viking Fjord, John Barr, Linie and other brands offered by Liquor Group, or to find the sales representative in your area visit or call 1-866-Reach-LG (1-866-732-2454).

Monday, March 24, 2008

Liquor Group welcomes Ruskova Vodka

Liquor Group, the Innovative Distributors, and Anson Importers Ltd have signed an agreement to allow Liquor Group to represent Ruskova Vodka from Russia. This 6 times distilled, premium grain vodka was awarded 90 points, Gold Medal, Best Buy by the Beverage Tasting Institute. Ruskova is bottled and produced in a State-of-the-Art, and privately owned, Russian Distillery. Also the Distillery grows and harvests only the finest grain in creating Ruskova Vodka; only water from an underground spring is used.

Ruskova is produced in a Pot Still, which is the same method used for Single Malt Scotches, and Small Batch Bourbons. The value pricing is a strategy that Russian entrepreneur Oleg Lazanovitch borrowed from the “playbook” of noted winemaker Fred Franzia, by forgoing the fancy bottle trend and allowing Ruskova Vodka to stand toe to toe against brands that retail for 2 to 3 time more than the price for Ruskova Vodka.

“That’s why Ruskova Vodka’s slogan is, Pay for the Vodka not the Glass”, says Liquor Group Michigan Manager, Steve Dodge, “ Ruskova is doing for vodka what Franzia did for wine, with Two-buck Chuck and Four-buck Fred.” Lazanovitch is quoted saying ”We are already out-selling many vodka brands that have been in the market for along time and retail scan data shows us growing at a really fast pace.”

Ruskova is Clear, lightly spicy, with cream and mineral oil aromas. Supple and very smooth and soft textured. Ruskova has delicate anise and cream flavors. An elegantly, graceful oily fade that is smooth and classy.

For more about Ruskova Vodka, you can visit the Ruskova website at as well as, for information on Ruskova and the many other products and brands represented by Liquor Group. You may also call 1-866-REACH-LG (1-866-732-2454) regarding any of Liquor Group’s goods and services.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Liquor Group welcomes Debowa Polska Vodka

Liquor Group, the Innovative Distributors, and Stanley Stawski Distributing have partnered once again to bring you the perfect blend of tradition and state-of –the-art technology in Debowa Polska Vodka. Debowa uses combines crystal-clear water and the highest grade rye to create the mild, velvety taste, and then adds carefully selected natural extracts, and specially prepared oak chips which deepen Debowa’s color and characteristics during the aging process. Some of the subtleties you’ll note when tasting Debowa are sweet berry and herb aromas, medium to full body with woody-spicy, berry, and herb-minty undertones with a clean finish hinted by lemon zest.

The Beverage Tasting Institute of Chicago rated Debowa an “Exceptional” of 93 points. “We are excited to represent Debowa”, says Steve Dodge, Manager of Liquor Group Michigan, “Debowa is a lot like the union of Liquor Group and Stanley Stawski Distributing, when the best of craftsmanship and innovation join together, success is always the end result.”

You may visit Debowa’s website at If you would like more information about Debowa Polska Vodka or any other products from Liquor Group go to or call 1-866-REACH-LG (1-866-732-2454).

Friday, March 21, 2008

Liquor Group presents Argentina’s Premium Rum

Liquor Group, the specialty spirits distributor, has signed a deal with Lantrix to represent

Argentina’s best kept secret, Isla N Rum. Available in 4 distinct styles White Rum, Gold Rum, Lemon Rum, and Coconut Rum. The quality is in the details with Isla N Rum. All the rums are produced in 100% copper stills, with the “slow distillation” method. The molasses used to make Isla N is carefully selected for high sugar content, which improves the aromas; Canadian yeast is used in a slow controlled fermentation process. Isla N Rum is one of the purest rums in today’s market due to the attention to craftsmanship, and the desire of perfection. Isla N Rum only uses the heat of the rum, holding true to Isla N Rum’s boutique distiller’s values in quality over high product output. The result is a work of art in every glass.

Isla N White Rum is an 86 point, rated by Bar & Drinks Magazine, premium rum. This is one of the few types of white Rum with real French Oak aromas. Isla N White Rum is filtered in natural minerals from North Argentina; the result is a rain-fall clear rum that retains its entire original flavor. Isla N White Rum will enhance the flavor of your favorite cocktail.

Isla N Gold Rum is the newest edition to the Isla N family and is the perfect blend of French-oak aged rums, perfect to be sipped on the rocks.

Isla N Lemon-flavored Rum is the perfect choice for your “rum and cola” drink. With its natural lemon flavor we suggest something a little different, try Isla N Lemon with either tonic water or ginger ale.

Isla N Coconut-flavored Rum is smooth and sophisticated. Isla N Coconut is one of the best selling spirits in the world. Unlike the leader in the coconut rum category adds alcohol to their spirit. Isla N Coconut is bottled pure and naturally flavored. A great suggestion for the summer is adding Isla N Coconut to a cosmopolitan.

You can visit the Isla N Rum website at . To find out more about Isla N Rums or any other products available through Liquor Group visit www. or call
1-866-REACH-LG (1-866-732-2454.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Liquor Group signs one of Poland's Most Popular

Stanley Stawski Distributing has sign with Liquor Group to bring Extra Zytnia Vodka, one of Poland’s most popular vodkas to you. Extra Zytnia Vodka (pronounced zhit-NYA) is made from high quality rectified rye spirit obtained from special varieties of grain. This excellent dry vodka has won numerous gold medals for its taste including “Gold Medal World Champion Vodka” from the Beverage Tasting Institute. The International Wine Review Magazine said Extra Zytnia is “easily identifiable in blind tastings…it is one of the most flavorful and interesting vodkas”.

Extra Zytnia has small additions of aromatic fruits and a hint of apple spirits. Extra Zytnia is clear with a slightly golden tinge. Steve Dodge,

the Manager of Liquor Group Michigan, had this to say about Extra Zytnia, “This is a vodka enthusiast’s vodka. This simple vodka, with wonderful hidden complexities, is a treat for the palate.”

Be sure and visit Extra Zytnia’s website, which is loaded with recipes, screen savers, bar cards and even a Polish version you can click on to. Visit for any information about Extra Zytnia Vodka or the many other brands Liquor Group represents, or call 1-866-REACH-LG (1-866-732-2454) to find a sales representative or where you can find Extra Zytnia Vodka near you.

Liquor Group welcomes the unique "H" Liqueur

Liquor Group, a specialty spirits distributor, lives up to its reputation in finding quality, unusual spirits, and this time is no exception. Lantrix Brands has signed on to have Liquor Group represent H Liqueur, a premium Huckleberry Liqueur, produce in Idaho Falls, Idaho. H is a unique blend of triple distilled grain alcohol mixed with wild mountain huckleberries.

H Liqueur delivers an outstanding flavor of wild berries and maintains a rich alcohol content. “H is an unique, rare liqueur that is truly one of a kind”, says C.J. Eiras, CEO of Liquor Group.

For cocktail ideas check out the Lantrix Brands website at

For more information on products, or for the Liquor Group sales representative in your area, call 1-866-REACH-LG (1-866-732-2454) or via the internet at

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Liquor Group gets smooth with Jazz Vodka

Stanley Stawski Distributing has just signed Liquor Group, an innovative distributor, to represent Jazz Vodka. This Polish Vodka from the Starogard Distillery is as smooth as its name and trumpet shaped bottle. Jazz Vodka made its debut in 1991 and won rave reviews at the International Jazz Festival where it scored 89 out of 100 points by the Beverage Tasting Institute. The bottle reflects Jazz Vodka’s smooth, cool style and the label is a reproduction of the festival’s poster.

Jazz Vodka is made from the highest quality grain, and the water comes from a deep artesian well that traces its history back to 1846 and maintains the distillery’s tradition of making excellent vodkas. “This is the perfect gift for the jazz lover as well as the vodka aficionado.” says Manager of Liquor Group Michigan, Steve Dodge. The trumpet-shaped bottle is an eye-catcher, but Jazz Vodka is velvety smooth, and elegant.

For more information on products, or for the Liquor Group sales representative in your area, call 1-866-REACH-LG (1-866-732-2454) or via the internet at

Friday, March 14, 2008

The Eighth Annual Starry Night Gala

The Eighth Annual STARRY NIGHT GALA, March 22, 2008 benefits The Victory Center for Autism and Behavioral Challenges and Honors

Miami-Dade Commissioner Sally H. Heyman, State Representatives Marcelo Llorente and Juan Carlos Planas

Miami/FL. The Eighth Annual Starry Night Gala is to be held Saturday, March 22 at Westview Country Club in Miami, Florida. Proceeds from the Starry Night Gala will be donated to the Victory Center for Autism and Behavioral Challenges. The mission of The Victory School, Inc. a Florida non-sectarian, non–for-profit Corporation provides children with autism and similar disorders comprehensive individualized treatment. The student’s receive one-to-one therapy within a classroom setting based on the principals pioneered by B.F. Skinner and his Applied Behavior Analysis.

The Benefit Cocktail Reception, Gourmet Dinner and Silent Auction will raise funds through donations of couture and unique pieces of fashion and fine jewelry. The event honors Miami-Dade Commissioner Sally A. Heyman, and State Representatives Marcelo Llorente and Juan Carlos ‘J.C. Planas.

Gala Chair Judith S. Nelson, Esq. states, “Our Starry Night Gala’s are very important fundraising events for The Victory School. They are also lots of fun. Where else can you eat, drink, dance and shop while helping children?”

Liquor Group ®, President and Founder Christopher ‘C.J.’ Eiras has confirmed that a full spectrum of premium spirits including whiskey, scotch, vodka and pre-made martinis will be donated to the Starry Night Gala. “Nothing is so full of victory as fortitude”, states Liquor Group ®, spokesperson Lowell Newman who confirms that Liquor Group, a national premium spirits distributor, “has created a business model that builds on two bottom lines; one fiscal and the other philanthropic”.

Recognizing the many worthwhile humanitarian organizations that depend on underwriting from companies and the community at large, Newman attributes part of Liquor Group’s growth and success to being active in supporting local charities and foundations. Among the multiple causes the company supports are the Rhythm Foundation, the For Darfur ® organization and the forthcoming Sicilian Film Festival.

For more information on products, or for the Liquor Group sales representative in your area, call 1-866-REACH-LG (1-866-732-2454) or via the internet at

Friday, March 7, 2008

LG Signs on 3 Araks

The Guestsso Family has once again partnered with Liquor Group, a specialty liquor distributor based in Ponte Vedra, Florida, who has agreed to represent Arak El Rif Green, “Premium Proof Reserve”, Arak El Rif Red, “Special Proof Reserve” and Arak El Rami as part of their premium spirits portfolio. “We believe we have found three of the highest quality, best tasting Araks on the market to date.” says Lowell Newman, Product Manager of Liquor Group.

Arak El Rif Green, is 106 proof, and is available in both 750ml and 375ml. Since 1828, El Rif is the rarest, most magical Arak you’ll ever experience. Selected from the finest of grapes and anise seeds, Arak El Rif is a noble Lebanese specialty which has been treasured and savored for centuries in Lebanon. The art of producing El Rif lies on an extremely secret formula and technique devised by the fifth generation of the finest Arak producers.

Arak El Rif Red is a 140 proof special reserve. When knowledge meets perfection a challenge is met. This is a bet won! The outcome is discovered, a precious white gold gift. Arak El Rif is the finest and most prestigious Arak ever made. Carefully blended from the finest eau-de-vie vin imported from Cognac and distilled with a selection of highest quality of anise seeds. El Rif combines a distinct bouquet with an incomparable roundness of body, sure to please the pallet of the connoisseur. Arak El Rif Red is available in 750ml and 375ml.

Arak El Rami from the makers of Arak El Rif, is a 106 proof, with a more contemporary style. With a slightly lighter anise flavor from a blend of three select varieties of seed. The base is the same unaged marc brandy from the Cognac region of France. Arak El Rami is presented in a tall frosted bottle that is available in 750ml.

For more information on products, or for the Liquor Group sales representative in your area, call 1-866-REACH-LG (1-866-732-2454) or via the internet at

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Liquor Group Heats it up with Firestarter Vodka

Ponte Vedra, FL

Liquor Group and Guetsso are proud to bring to you Firestarter Vodka. From faraway Moldova this premium, ultra smooth vodka has a touch of honey added to give the ultimate silky finish. The eye catching, very unique bottle looks like a fire extinguisher, complete with a locking pin, trigger and nozzle in which Firestarter Vodka is poured through. Firestarter Vodka, though a new comer to the vodka market, has been a hot selling vodka in California, especially in the club scene.

“We are excited to take Firestarter to a whole new level and introduce it to several US markets” says, C.J. Eiras, President of Liquor Group, “…this is one hot vodka!” Firestarter Vodka will not disappoint, and tastes as good as it looks. For more information on Firestarter Vodka, to find a sales representative in your area, or any other products distributed by Liquor Group, call1-866-REACH-LG (1-866-732-2454) or visit Liquor Group’s website at

For more information visit the Liquor Group website, contact, or call 904-565-2633.