Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Liquor Group launches Mar Azul Exotic Flavored Tequilas in Florida

Jacksonville, FL – Liquor Group Wholesale, Inc. (Publicly Traded: LIQR) announced today that Liquor Group Florida has received their first shipment of award winning 100% Blue Agave Mar Azul Tequila to be launched in the Florida market, one of the largest tequila markets in the US.  Mar Azul features both traditional tequila in Blanco, Reposado and Anejo ranges as well as exotic flavors such as Almond, Banana, Chocolate, Coconut, Coffee and Pomegranate.

The “Taste of Passion” theme at Mar Azul challenges the consumer to think differently about the tequila they are going to consume.  Created in the heart of Mexico’s tequila region of Jalisco, Mar Azul uses all natural ingredients, making these craft tequilas stand out amongst the crowd of machine made chemically enhanced tequilas offered in today’s marketplace.

“Great tequilas are what the market demands, and Mar Azul meets that demand head on.” says Susanna Sutton, President.  Winner of several awards, including a 2010 Gold Medal at the San Francisco Spirits Competition, the unique agave plant shape of each bottle reminds the consumer of the natural plant from which the tequila is extracted and distilled.  By offering a large variety of traditional and flavored tequilas during their launch in Florida, Mar Azul was able to take advantage of the Patent-Pending bailment system offered exclusively by Liquor Group and should be able to gain shelf presence rapidly due to their unique niche.   

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Binboa Featured in Modern Distillery Age Magazine

Liquor Group and Binboa are featured in Modern Distillery Age Magazine.  

Click on the link below to view the article:

Modern Distillery Age

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Liquor Group Michigan Sponsors Blissfest

Liquor Group Michigan is proud to be a sponsor presenting Blissfest, an annual concert event that since 1981 has been held in the Northwest Lower area of Michigan.  Blissfest Music Organization is affiliated with the National Folk Alliance Organization, as well as other Michigan-based non-profit folk arts organizations.  This event brings thousands of people from all parts of the world together to enjoy the sights and sounds of summer in Michigan. 

This 31st Annual Blissfest Music Festival will be a celebration of music, culture, art and community featuring a world of diverse and innovative folk and roots music and dance at the Festival Farm in picturesque rural northern Michigan.  It is truly a blissful musical weekend to be shared with families, friends and music-lovers of all ages.  The annual event is a showcase of the many musical styles that define American roots and world music. Bluegrass, Blues, Cajun, Celtic, Folk, Jazz, Latin, Ethnic, World music and dance all share the stage.  Innovators of these roots styles are also on the scene and there is something for everyone.

Remember, Life is Bliss so follow your Bliss to the Blissfest.

This year marks the third in a row that Liquor Group has sponsored this community involved organization during Blissfest, and we look forward to many more years of involvement with this wonderful event!
Photos of BlissFest Concert Events:

Monday, June 6, 2011

Liquor Group Expanding Binboa Portfolio across US

June 6, 2011 – Mey Icki Distillery, Turkey's largest spirits company, that holds an 80 percent share of the country's top-selling spirit categories, is lead by Binboa Vodka.  In April 2011, Liquor Group Wholesale (Publicly Traded: LIQR) began implementing their domestic distribution strategy commencing in Florida; marking the first time Binboa Vodka had ever been sold in the US.  Due to overwhelming success, the Binboa Vodka product line is now expanding with Liquor Group into Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Virginia. 

Binboa Vodka has award winning flavors including: Red Apple, Satsuma, Red Orange and Strawberry, suiting the palates of Young, Hip and Daring Taste Aware Consumers.  Binboa Vodka uses a marketing approach based on Cerebral Mid-Twenties Survey Advertising Campaigns; slogans include: “On a Night Out, 95% of Party Goers Meet New People, 5% Remember Their Names Afterwards…” and “On a Friday Afternoon, 4% of People Work, 96% Pretend To Work.”  Uniquely packaged high quality spirits coupled with catchy marketing earned Binboa Vodka the largest market share in segments of Europe and Asia, and now the target is the US. 

“Liquor Group understands the multi-billion dollar potential identified by Diageo Executives that purchased this brand, notably long before ever selling a single bottle into the US, the largest market in overall sales in the world.” says C. J. Eiras, CEO of Liquor Group Wholesale “Binboa Vodka enjoyed immediate results from our Patent-Pending Bailment Distribution Model, and we feel strongly that this expansion is only the beginning of a larger move forward.” 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Binboa Vodka TV Commercial

Check out this stop motion video made by Binboa Vodka.  They utilized more than 500 hand drawn bottles and took more than 5,000 individual photographs to make this commercial!  It is really amazing to watch!

Binboa Kendi Şişeni Kendin Yarat Stop Motion Video from Binboa Vodka on Vimeo.