Friday, November 19, 2010

Liquor Group Hosts Florida's Largest Martini Party!

Liquor Group Products a Hit at Martinifest!

November 19, 2010 – The 2010 Martinifest drew crowds of more than 3000 thirsty revelers took to the field to sample a multitude of adult beverage products at EverBank Stadium in Jacksonville, Florida.  Liquor Group products again dominated the top floor of the show with a wide array of products offered at a number of tables.  Hawaii's organic ultra-premium Ocean Vodka was one of the fastest moving brands with drinkers flocking to sample from the tropical themed bottles.  The Russian Ice Vodka was extremely popular with the crowds.  Newcomer to Florida Yaharra Bay Vodka mixed with Holtz Apple Crisp received the nod as "Best Tasting Cocktail" at the event.  Many of the vodkas offered at the show were mixed with high quality Weis Liqueurs from the Black Forest region of Germany.  The evening's favorite libations were paired with gourmet food from local chefs.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Liquor Group Offers Khukri Coronation Rum in Florida

November 12, 2010 Jacksonville, FL – Pennsylvania based Liquid Treasure Imports contracted with Liquor Group Wholesale (Publicly Traded: LIQR) for distribution of its Khukri Coronation Rum in the Florida market with planned expansion into additional state markets in coming months.  The brand has been sold into more than 100 retail accounts by Liquor Group Florida within the initial distribution period.  Khukri rums have been produced in the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal since the 1950s and the Coronation Rum with its distinctive dagger shaped hand-blown bottle was introduced in 1974 to commemorate the coronation of HRH Shri Biredra Bir Bikram Shah Dev as King of the mountain kingdom.

Khukri Coronation Rum is an extremely dark and aromatic spirit that has received wide recognition at rum competitions around the world, including Gold Medals at the 2002 International Rum Festival and the 2006 & 2007 International Cane Spirits Festivals.  At the 2010 International Cane Spirits Festival Khukri Coronation Rum was named Best Dark Rum and also garnered the Best of Show award at this prestigious event.  The Beverage Tasting Institute of Chicago in 2004 rated the rum as "Highly Recommended" and also designated it a "best Buy."  A key ingredient of the rum is the ultra-pure water that is sourced from the Himalayan Mountains near the Kathmandu distillery.  The hand-blown 375ml bottles are individually boxed and packed in cases of 10.  Each bottle is accompanied by plastic supports for display on a bar or store shelf.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Russian Ice Storm Hits Michigan

November 11, 2010, Novi, MI – Liquor Group Wholesale, Inc. (Publicly Traded: LIQR) in conjunction with their Control State Brokerage affiliate Liquor Group Michigan announced today the introduction of Russian Ice Vodka in the largest of the US Control State markets.  Russian Ice is imported by Tualatin OR based Far-East Imports LLC, and representative Nick Kelton said that his firm was pleased to have found a distribution partner who could represent the brand in a wide range of states, but who still takes a hands-on approach towards building a brand that is well known in its native Russia, but new to the US market.  "Liquor Group has quickly established the brand in the Florida market and we anticipate great success in Michigan and in the other states where they will launch the product soon," said Kelton.

Russian Ice is neutral grain based vodka that undergoes a special Silver Filtration process after multiple distillations, resulting in a smooth and slightly sweet finish.  The eye-catching glass bottle celebrates the "Old Glory of Russian Victories" and reproduces a woodblock illustration of the 1242 Victory of Russian Warriors over Teutonic Knights on the frozen surface of Lake Peipus.  Liquor Group Product Manager Lowell Newman noted that "Russian Ice offers high quality Russian Vodka in a great package at a reasonable price and that is sure to gain the brand a loyal following across the US."

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

ABS OneShot Signs with Liquor Group in Multiple Markets

November 10, 2010.  Houston TX.  Texas based ABS OneShot LP has contracted with the Florida based Liquor Group Wholesale distribution network for representation of their iconic line of 50ml Shot Glass miniatures containing Tequila, Vodka or Rum in multiple markets.  Unlike other products' miniature bottle formats the OneShot line is offered in high quality glass shot glasses with peel-off metal lids, giving the consumer both a drink sized portion and a collectible glass that can be retained for future use. The state of the art Texas facility is capable of bottling up to 1.5 million 50ml OneShot glasses per month.

Tequila OneShots are available in Silver and natural flavors including Apple, Coconut, Coffee, Grapefruit, Lemon, Mandarin, Mint and Peach.  Vodka flavors include Citrus, Orange and Raspberry, while the first Rum flavor to be introduced is Coconut.  Additional flavors of all three spirits will be introduced in coming months.  All of the OneShot products are available in solid cases of 48 containing twelve 4-pack sleeves.  The Tequila flavors are also available in a Rainbow case of 48 that includes one sleeve of each flavor along with additional sleeves of the most popular flavors.

Liquor Group Product Manager Lowell Newman noted that the colorful shot glass packaging "has been a hit at retail outlets while casual bars and Mexican restaurants have seen growing demand for iced buckets of OneShot products for serving to larger parties.  We look forward to explosive growth of this brand as we introduce it to the major markets in Florida, Illinois and Michigan along with other states across the country.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Liquor Group & Happy Rum Sponsor the St. Augustine Wild Reserve

St Augustine, FL – November 8, 2010 - The St. Augustine Wild Reserve is a non-profit corporation that has been saving the lives of abused and neglected exotic animals for more than a decade.  The Founder of the Reserve, Deborah Warrick, has worked with exotic animals all of her life, having received extensive training at the Los Angeles Zoo among other specialized wildlife training and education.  The goal of the Reserve is to educate the public about exotic animal ownership, to prevent future animal abuse, and all of the animals at the Reserve have been saved from euthanasia.

This years’ annual fundraiser featured a few furry friends from the Reserve, including Mango a Bush Baby (left), and Concho, a Coati Mundi (right), as well as original art of animals cared for at the Reserve.  More than 100 VIP guests were in attendance at the lovely waterfront setting in St. Augustine. 

The Reserve is open twice a week for tours, and it hosts a wide variety of exotic and domestic animals, including: Lions, Tigers, Wolves, Leopards, Mountain Lions, Patagonian Cavy, Deer, Prevost Squirrels, Servals,  Bobcats, Coatimundi, Carical, Syberian Lynx, Goats, Geese, Chickens, Hedghogs, Ball Pythons, Black Vultures and even American Alligators!         

Products exclusively featured from the Liquor Group portfolio at the entire event included: Russian Ice Vodka, Rhythm Citrus Liqueur, Fat Ass Tequila, Old St. Andrews Scotch, and Happy Rum.

For more information about getting involved as a volunteer or to help the St. Augustine Reserve, visit  

Here just are some of the residents at St. Augustine Wild Reserve:

Liquor Group Featured In Modern Distillery Age Magazine

Liquor Group once again is featured in Modern Distillery Age Magazine.  Click on the link below to view the article:

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Liquor Group Begins Phase 2 of Aggressive Expansion Plans

November 2, 2010 – Jacksonville, FL – Liquor Group Wholesale (Publicly Traded: LIQR) announced to shareholders today that its exclusive distribution partner Liquor Group Florida has begun their relocation into a sprawling Brewery facility with climate controlled warehouses, encompassing approximately 7-Acre / 235,000sf.  This new facility is more than ten-times larger than the current facilities of the company, giving room for operational growth, product portfolio development and overall expansion.

“Phase 1 of our plan was purchasing additional distribution operations throughout the US, which has already resulted in the acquisition of several alcohol distribution/brokerage companies, with many more on the horizon.  This phase added millions of dollars worth of assets to the organization increasing value for our shareholders.” says C. J. Eiras, CEO of LIQR and MGMR of Liquor Group Florida, LLC.

“Phase 2 of our plan is to expand state-level operational presence, growing market share and developing additional customers in these territories; which increases gross revenues for LIQR and allows economies of scale to push profits to the bottom line.”  This phase requires more warehouse space at the state-level to accommodate the growth of product lines and larger orders of goods to meet market demands.

“Phase 3, use your imagination…”

Liquor Group began its operations in 2001 from a one-car home garage; it now operates in 33 US States, 12 foreign countries, wholesales goods to the US Military Worldwide, imports various products from around the world, and LIQR has less than $80K in overall debt. 

That is not a miss-print, $80K in debt not $80M.    

Liquor Group’s successful innovative approach to the liquor and wine distribution industry has been a key element in its organic growth and has proven to be a key component in the development of many mid-sized, small and emerging alcohol brands.  Liquor Group’s corporate model and culture now finds success with larger, better known brands creating the opportunity for expansion into additional states and markets.  Liquor Group’s ideology and business model offer brands versatility, bandwidth and flexibility needed to flourish in this multi-hundred billion dollar market.

LIQR has several institutional shareholders playing a role in the development of this multi-phase strategy, as the company continues on the same rapid acquisition trend of Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK/A) who in early 2010 also began acquiring US alcohol distribution companies.