Sunday, September 30, 2007

RU Vodka Line Moves to Liquor Group in Florida

Orlando, FL

VMI Ltd., importers of RU Vodka, the leading Russian export vodka line, has selected Ponte Vedra Beach, FL based Liquor Group to represent the brand in the Florida market. Importer Mike Dowling said that the selection of Liquor Group was based on the firm's dedication to brand development and their emphasis on product tastings to promote brands. "Even with annual world-wide sales of over a million cases we still see ourselves as a growing brand. We know that RU is a high quality product line and Liquor Group's sales approach will assure that many more people will actually taste the difference between RU and other brands. We first placed the line with Liquor Group in Michigan and their success there convinced us to make the same move in the even larger Florida market."

RU is serious Russian Vodka, with a quality level that is high enough that the brand was recently recognized by H.H. Prince Michael Romanoff as The Official Vodka of the Russian Royal Family. The ties between the Romanoff family and the vodka industry go back to at least 1763 when the distillery where RU Vodka is produced was founded under order from Catherine the Great. Only the finest Russian grown rye and wheat and pure Russian spring water are used to quadruple distill RU Vodka, yielding a classic Russian spirit with a delicate but distinctive nose and a whisper smooth finish. The RU line includes the straight Classic Vodka along with Lemon, Apple, Black Currant and Pepper flavors. The flavored products are notable for their natural fruit/spice flavors while still retaining the elegant finish of the Classic. The sleek contemporary design glass bottles are also Russian made and will soon appear with the recently authorized Romanoff crest uniting Russian tradition with modern style.

Liquor Group Product Manager Lowell Newman noted that "The extremely high quality of the RU Vodkas fits well with our portfolio of specialty spirits. Vodka may be the dominant category in the spirits field, but all vodkas are not created equal and RU offers a combination of quality and price that is impossible to beat. Tasting is believing and we plan to make believers out of thousands of Florida drinkers who will soon have the chance to sample RU Vodka."

The entire RU Vodka line is available in 750ml, 1 Liter bottles and 1.75 Liter bottles are available on all except the Pepper flavor. The products have begun to appear in Restaurants, Bars and on Retail shelves throughout the state.

For information on the availability of RU Vodka in your area please contact Liquor Group at 1-877-REACH-LG (1-877-732-2454).