Monday, October 15, 2012

Liquor Group Wholesale Announces 2012 Operating Results

Jacksonville, Florida – October 15, 2012 – Liquor Group Wholesale, Inc. (Publicly Traded: LIQR) announced its unaudited results for the fiscal 2012 year, ending August 31, 2012.

The company made one strategic acquisition during the fiscal year, and withdrew from two expansions made in Fiscal 2010 and in Fiscal 2011 without any dilution to shareholders due to the return of stock from those events.  

The alcohol control State of Washington which was a steady customer of Liquor Group Wholesale over the past 5 years became a license state during this fiscal period, and due to the current shifting sands of regulatory and tax questions in that state, Liquor Group has chosen not to attempt distributing there until the dust settles.  Many other challenges and successes are more completely described in the document entitled: Liquor Group Wholesale Year End Financial Statement 8-31-2012 available at:

The Company provides these unaudited results to investors so that they might gain better insight into its underlying business trends from continuing operations.

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Liquor Group Wholesale, Inc. (Publicly Traded: LIQR) an emerging alcohol distribution/ brokerage organization representing thousands of brands with operations in 32 US States.  Our Manufacturer to State level conveyance utilizes a Patent-Pending business model focused on providing unique trade channels for many of the world’s leading & emerging alcohol beverage brands.  Current/historical financial information at: and
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