Thursday, October 14, 2004

Happy Vodka sponsors meet and greet with General Tommy Franks!

Jacksonville , FL – Happy Vodka is proud to play a part in presenting a lecture and VIP after-party with honored guest General Tommy R. Franks, a lifelong military man who led coalitions of more than sixty nations in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan . Franks has won the respect and admiration of the nation with his understated demeanor and reassuring honesty. General Franks guided, motivated and inspired 250,000 troops worldwide in execution of precise military operations. With his easy style and good nature, Franks empowers audiences to be better leaders and explores current events with the analysis of an experienced participant in world affairs.

A true hero, Franks is also well known as the soldier's soldier who began serving his country in 1967 during the Vietnam War, and rose through the ranks during his more than thirty years of military service.

Jacksonville Mayor John Peyton, Florida Congressman Ander Crenshaw and many business and community leaders were among the dignitaries at the VIP after party sponsored by Happy and held for General Franks at the impressive mansion of Mr. McGehee , owner of Mac Paper Corporation.

General Franks captivated the crowd, then at the after-party he mingled with the crowd, shaking hands, offering photo ops and truly enjoying the laid back Jacksonville lifestyle.” says Gray C. Solomon of Liquor Group, who coordinated the event with the Florida Forum. Of course, all of the Happy products were present to greet the General at the bar…

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