Friday, August 14, 2009

Liquor Group Wholesale Adds “Big Guns” For Expansion Plans

Chicago, Il - Liquor Group Wholesale, Inc. (OTCBB:LIQR) continues to add more “firepower” to our team as we pick up steam during this final quarter of our fiscal year. Liquor Group companies have continued to hire new sales and marketing personnel during the past 12 months; however there is a recent addition to the team that is truly noteworthy:

Fred Rosen, a long-time major shareholder in LIQR.ob and a career alcohol-beverage retailer best known for his ownership in Sam’s of Chicago, the largest liquor volume retailer in the world, began consulting last month assisting with distribution company acquisition strategies and brand portfolio development for Liquor Group Wholesale. Mr. Rosen was later unanimously approved by the company Board of Directors to join Liquor Group Wholesale’s Board of Advisors with a focus on assisting the development of a large-scale retailer outreach strategy.

“We’re still accepting resumes…” proclaims C. J. Eiras, President of Liquor Group “…and they are still flowing in on a regular basis. The pool of talent in the alcohol industry is large and we intend to continue drawing from it. However, ‘industry moguls’ such as Fred Rosen are few and far between, and we are very pleased to welcome him aboard. He is a legend.”

“Liquor Group’s Innovative Distribution system is the first and only major new development in the liquor distribution business that I am aware of from the past 50 years…” says Rosen “…and I’m glad to be a part of their plan for continued success!”

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