Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Irishman Whiskeys Land with Liquor Group Michigan

November 9, 2009, Novi MI -Miami Florida based Other Wine and Spirits, Inc. has recently placed its highly regarded The Irishman Irish Whiskey line for brokerage services through their Novi, MI based Liquor Group Michigan. State Manager Steve Dodge said he was "...thrilled to have these very high quality products to offer in this increasingly popular spirit category. Irish Whiskeys were once only popular around St. Patrick's Day, but the increasing availability of higher quality, low production brands such as The Irishman has made this once overlooked whiskeys type grow in popularity throughout the year."

The Irishman Single Malt Whiskey is aged for over 10 years in Bourbon and Sherry casks. This is a limited production spirit with only 1000 cases of 6 hand numbered and signed 750ml bottles produced annually from 100% pure Irish Single Malt. The Irishman Original Clan Whiskey is a classic pot still blend, triple distilled and including 70% Irish malt. Long aging in Bourbon casks results in a smooth and mellow finish. Both whiskeys were awarded Gold Medals in the 2008 International Review of Spirits where they garnered identical 94 point "Exceptional" ratings and designations as "Best Buys." For more information regarding The Irishman Whiskeys visit www.HotIrishman.com