Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Liquor Group Begins Phase 2 of Aggressive Expansion Plans

November 2, 2010 – Jacksonville, FL – Liquor Group Wholesale (Publicly Traded: LIQR) announced to shareholders today that its exclusive distribution partner Liquor Group Florida has begun their relocation into a sprawling Brewery facility with climate controlled warehouses, encompassing approximately 7-Acre / 235,000sf.  This new facility is more than ten-times larger than the current facilities of the company, giving room for operational growth, product portfolio development and overall expansion.

“Phase 1 of our plan was purchasing additional distribution operations throughout the US, which has already resulted in the acquisition of several alcohol distribution/brokerage companies, with many more on the horizon.  This phase added millions of dollars worth of assets to the organization increasing value for our shareholders.” says C. J. Eiras, CEO of LIQR and MGMR of Liquor Group Florida, LLC.

“Phase 2 of our plan is to expand state-level operational presence, growing market share and developing additional customers in these territories; which increases gross revenues for LIQR and allows economies of scale to push profits to the bottom line.”  This phase requires more warehouse space at the state-level to accommodate the growth of product lines and larger orders of goods to meet market demands.

“Phase 3, use your imagination…”

Liquor Group began its operations in 2001 from a one-car home garage; it now operates in 33 US States, 12 foreign countries, wholesales goods to the US Military Worldwide, imports various products from around the world, and LIQR has less than $80K in overall debt. 

That is not a miss-print, $80K in debt not $80M.    

Liquor Group’s successful innovative approach to the liquor and wine distribution industry has been a key element in its organic growth and has proven to be a key component in the development of many mid-sized, small and emerging alcohol brands.  Liquor Group’s corporate model and culture now finds success with larger, better known brands creating the opportunity for expansion into additional states and markets.  Liquor Group’s ideology and business model offer brands versatility, bandwidth and flexibility needed to flourish in this multi-hundred billion dollar market.

LIQR has several institutional shareholders playing a role in the development of this multi-phase strategy, as the company continues on the same rapid acquisition trend of Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK/A) who in early 2010 also began acquiring US alcohol distribution companies.