Monday, November 1, 2004

Happy helps to defend the animals!

Hollywood , California

Happy Vodka, Happy Rum, Happy Tequila and Happy Gin are proud to be chosen as the exclusive spirits to be served at the In Defense of Animals 2nd Annual Guardian Awards, a black tie gala held at historic Paramount Studios on Saturday October 30 th 2004 .

This unforgettable evening is hosted by Kim Basinger and Pierce Brosnan, and features special guests Dr. Jane Goodall, Peter Falk, Gretchen Wyler, Stockard Channing, Grant Aleksander, Cathy Moriarty-Gentile, Dan Piraro, Ali McGraw, Lester Chambers, Tippi Hedren, Randy Grim and Quentin the Miracle Dog and many, many more. This outstanding awards ceremony will honor Pat Derby, Keely Shaye Smith, Ellen DeGeneres, Ron Kagan, Cynthia Moss, Eric Harr, James LaVeck and Jenny Stein, Marc Bluestone and Washo Dakota Shadowhawk for their contributions to the animal world.

Founded in 1983, In Defense of Animals ( ) is an international animal protection organization dedicated to ending the abuse and exploitation of animals by protecting their rights, welfare and habitats. “Here at Happy, we love animals, and we hope that our small contribution to assist the IDA make a difference for the future…” says C. J. Eiras, President of Happy Vodka Corporation.

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