Wednesday, February 14, 2007

San Gabriel Beverage Group Places Mexican Portfolio with Liquor Group

Rosemead, CA

The Spirits importer San Gabriel Beverage Group has placed its entire Mexican product portfolio with Liquor Group, the fast growing Florida based spirits distribution network, for Distribution beginning in Florida and Michigan. The portfolio includes the Tequilas and Tequila based Liqueurs produced at historic El Rancho Valle Escondido by the distilley Vinos y Licores Azteca, under the direction of Carmen Lucia Barajas Cardenas.

The flagship product of the line is Tequila El Conde Azul (Blue Prince Tequila), handcrafted from the finest Blue Agave plants harvested in the Jalisco highlands. Not only is this an outstanding tequila, but the eye-catching hand-blown Italian glass bottles with their distinctive Blue Agave plant design inside coupled with hand lettered 18k Gold labels are sure to catch the eyes of any tequila consumer. Each of the 100% agave Tequilas in this line (Blanco, Reposado and Anejo) comes in its own bottle design and should prove to be quite popular with both spirits bottle collectors and Tequila aficionados alike.

Tequila Raza Azteca, named for an Azteca racehorse once owned by Barajas' grandfather, is another line of premium 100% Blue Agave Tequilas produced at the estate distillery. Packaged in hand-blown bottles with metallic labels, the Blanco is bottled immediately after the second distillation while the Reposado is aged for a minimum of six months in Bourbon barrels prior to bottling.

The newest additions to the product line are the Lluvia de Estrellas Tequila Liqueurs which are based on the estate's own high quality tequila. Flavors in production include Coffee, Lime, Orange, Peach, Quince and Tangerine. These line priced liqueurs in their attractive hand painted bottles are a welcome addition to this rapidly growing product category.

Phillip Capriccio, President of the San Gabriel Beverage Group is very pleased to have begun a relationship with Liquor Group. "They (Liquor Group) have shown great skill in developing sales for new brands in the specialty spirits field. We look forward to expanding our product line into other Liquor Group states once the Florida and Michigan markets are up and running."

Gray C. Solomon, the ‘Head Honcho’ of Liquor Group, said that the Florida and Michigan agreements with San Gabriel Beverage Group will allow both companies to continue their rapid market expansion. "Liquor Group is the fastest growing distribution network in the country, and it is through relationships with fast growing importers such as the San Gabriel Group that we have been able to fuel our rapid expansion. It is a Win Win for both of us.” Lowell Newman, Product Manager for Liquor Group, noted “…the outstanding quality of this product line is a good match for Liquor Group's existing Mexican Portfolio which is composed entirely of high quality Mexican products.” Look for these San Gabriel products to be available in fine liquor stores and upscale restaurants over the next few months.

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