Monday, September 8, 2008

Liquor Group Wholesale Exceeds Expectations in First 60 Days

Liquor Group Wholesale provided more than $250,000 of orders for Drinks Americas products in the first 60 days of their contractual agreement. Since the signing of the contract making Liquor Group Wholesale the distributor of the brands held by Drinks Americas in 16 of the 18 control states, Liquor Group Wholesale has proven their innovative approach to the liquor distribution industry is indeed successful. “We are pleased with how our company structure and corporate culture seems to work with our economic model and plans for national expansion,” says Steven Dodge, Liquor Group Wholesale Vice President for Control States , “Our original plan was to groom a few key control states including Michigan. Everything just fell into place and the momentum carried us forward.”

Liquor Group Wholesale has been particularly well received by the control states, because the firm works closely with the state commissioners and staff to ensure a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Liquor Group Wholesale also plans to increase its presence in each state by continuing to introduce more brands that are already represented in the Liquor Group Wholesale brand portfolio and sold in other states. Liquor Group Wholesale’s near future plans also include the hiring, training and enlisting of additional sales force and demonstrators to help further develop LGW brands and increase brand awareness. Liquor Group Wholesale works closely with its brand suppliers to provide a unified marketing approach and gives each company an open line of communication between the supplier and the distributor, a proverbial “finger on the pulse,” if you will, to ensure that there is little mystery to Liquor Group Wholesale’s marketing strategies and sales structure.

To find out more information about Liquor Group Wholesale or products represented by Liquor Wholesale visit or call 1-866-REACH-LG (1-866-732-2454).