Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Liquor Group introduces Alexandar Vodka

Liquor Group Wholesale, a specialty distributor based in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, has recently signed an agreement with Kazbo Imports to represent Alexandar Vodka, a new import from Macedonia, in the Florida and Michigan markets. Alexandar Vodka is definitely five star quality, without the premium price. From the first class grains, to the soft, clean mountain water, to the 4 column distillation, 7 times filtered, and even the stunning imported Italian cobalt blue bottle, Alexandar Vodka is a dedication to craftsmanship, resulting in vodka of unparalleled taste and smoothness.

“Liquor Group is the right choice to distribute Alexandar Vodka”, says importer Brogan Pawezka, “a special vodka deserves a specialty distributor and Liquor Group has proven its ability to build high quality new brands.” According to Liquor Group Product manager Lowell Newman the initial marketing of the brand "will target the sizeable Macedonian and Greek populations in both states, but this is a truly premium product that will appeal to all vodka drinkers."

Alexandar Vodka’s website, , is filled with recipes, downloadable posters and screensavers. Every smooth and delicious sip of Alexandar Vodka will reassure you that this is the best vodka available at a reasonable price.

For more information on Alexandar Vodka or any other brands represented by Liquor Group call 1-866-REACH-LG (1-866-732-2454) or visit