Saturday, November 15, 2008

Liquor Group Wholesale Sees Sales Increases, Even In Tough Economy

Liquor Group Wholesale advises that period over period product sales are up across all 31 US states where it wholesales alcohol beverages; however Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Washington and Wyoming sales are up substantially, all with triple digits increases over the same period last year.

“This dramatic sales increase is attributed in part to the expansion of our portfolio as well as to additional brand recognition that many unique Liquor Group products have earned, coupled with the reputation for hard work and dedication to sell-through our Liquor Group sales representatives have in the market…” says C. J. Eiras, CEO of Liquor Group Wholesale: “…there’s no “Bailout” needed here, we can thank our loyal customers for that!”

Increases exclude back orders from various suppliers scheduled to hit shelves late November, which will drive up sales further. Many brands report having trouble meeting demand that Liquor Group’s sales force has generated for their products. Since no bank facilities are used by Liquor Group, it continues to grow in this credit starved environment.

About Liquor Group Wholesale
Liquor Group Wholesale is an emerging liquor and wine distribution company representing more than 1700 spirits and wine products with operations in 31 US States. Our company is focused on providing a distribution channel for Mid-Market, Nationally recognized alcohol beverage products. Liquor Group Wholesale is publicly traded under the symbol LIQR. Information on Liquor Group Wholesale’s financials and business operations is available on Liquor Group's website.