Monday, April 26, 2010

Liquor Group Sponsors Palm Beach International Film Festival & Gala

April 26, 2010 – Palm Beach Island, FL – The opening night gala at the 15th Annual Palm Beach International Film Festival featured several products represented by Liquor Group Wholesale, Inc (Publicly Traded: LIQR), including Fat Ass Tequila, Columbus Rums and wines from Andretti Winery.  This years gala was held The Omphoy Ocean Resort Hotel in Palm Beach following the screening of the festival's opening night films.  Liquor Group CEO C. J. Eiras said that the firm was "Proud to support The Palm Beach International Film Festival and other film industry activities throughout the State of Florida.”

Lou Frezza, a Movie and Television Producer as well as a long standing Board of Adviser Member of Liquor Group presented one of his feature films at the event: “Moonshine to the Finish Line: The Unofficial Beginnings of NASCAR” which premiered at The Cobb Theaters.  Frezza held a “Discover a Fat Ass Movie” after-party, (a word play on Columbus Rum and Fat Ass Tequila) with celebrity guests Evita Edmond and Horizon Award winner Quinton Aaron, however the party celebrating the moonshine & bootlegging days of NASCAR was eventually shut down for being too rambunctious, go figure...

Photos of the event: