Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Columbus Rum Explores the Control States through Liquor Group

Jacksonville, FL – Following closely on the successful launch of their Columbus Anejo Rum in the Florida market and expansion into Control State markets nation wide, Dominican Habitat LLC has expanded their distribution with Liquor Group Wholesale (Publicly Traded: LIQR) to include introduction of the rum to an additional 12 states over the coming months.  Liquor Group CEO C. J. Eiras noted that adding the rum "to major rum markets such as Illinois, California, Texas, South Carolina and Georgia will significantly enhance the brands name recognition.  We are getting frequent requests from retailers and retail customers around the country and that demand has driven this rapid market expansion." 

Columbus Rums are produced in the Dominican Republic by the famed Barceló family using the family formula that made their rums famous around the world.  The Columbus Anejo Rum was recently awarded a Gold Medal at the SIP Awards in Los Angeles CA.  Dominican Habitat describes the Columbus 7 year Anejo as "exceptionally smooth, rich rum in the classic Dominican Republic rum tradition that can be enjoyed straight up, on the rocks with lime or in your favorite rum cocktail." 

“By working closely with the Barceló family we are able to bring this special rum to market at a very reasonable price point.” says Senior Vice President Jeff Bryant “The rum is produced from freshly cut sugar cane and is aged in aromatic white oak barrels, giving it a distinctive sweet nose and smooth finish.”  Bryant explained that Liquor Group was chosen for launching the brand in major US markets “…due to their hands on sales and marketing approach that has been successful with other new brands, and their early performance, which has encouraged us to take the plunge into additional markets. "

Lowell Newman, Liquor Group's Vice President and Product Manager noted that Columbus Anejo with its high quality and modest price is strong competition for many established brands. "We are also looking forward to adding Columbus White, Dorado (gold) and the 25 year old Imperial Rum to the product line in the near future into all 32 of our distribution states."

Liquor Group Wholesale’s successful innovative approach to the distribution industry has been a key element in the growth and development of many mid sized, small and emerging brands.  Liquor Group’s corporate model and culture now finds success with larger, better known brands expanding into additional states and markets.  Liquor Group’s ideology and business model offer brands versatility, bandwidth and flexibility needed to flourish in this multi-hundred billon dollar market.