Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tradicion Azul Tequila Joins Liquor Group Portfolio

Jacksonville, FL - North Carolina based importer Extraordinario Brands has placed their Tradicion Azul line of 100% Agave Tequilas for representation with Liquor Group Wholesale, Inc (Publicly Traded: LIQR) for distribution in the Florida, Illinois and Michigan markets, with planned expansion into additional states over the coming months.  Extraordinario Brands President Jay Pennington said that the relationship with Liquor Group was established due to the distributor's "hands-on approach to marketing and brand growth.  Our products are innovative and we wanted to partner with a distributor who could think outside the box when it came to helping us build our brand."  Initial orders from the Florida market exceeded $35,000, and orders for the other two states were not yet placed at the time of this release.

The Tradicion Azul Tequila line is most noticeable on the shelf for its bold graphic labels and is catching tequila drinkers' attention with its rich 100% Agave flavor and a smooth finish that is surprising given the unusual 109 Proof (54.5% AVB) level that is the basis for the brand's "The Hottest Frozen Drink on the Planet" ad campaign.  In another brand awareness raising campaign Tradicion Azul reminds drinkers that "Everybody has a tequila story." and asks for submissions at their TredicionAzul.com web site. The brand offers both Blanco and Reposado varieties with 750ml and 1 Liter bottles, along with 1.75 PET containers.

Liquor Group V.P. & Product Manager Lowell Newman said that "the quality of these fine tequilas was what initially attracted me to the line, but I was also quite impressed with the brand's commitment to working with us to build the brand through an aggressive program of product demonstrations and event participation.  They have a great sense for eye-catching graphics, coupled with a somewhat irreverent approach to their brand awareness campaign that sets them apart for many other brands in the category."

Liquor Group Wholesale’s successful innovative approach to the distribution industry has been a key element in the growth and development of many mid sized, small and emerging brands.  Liquor Group’s corporate model and culture now finds success with larger, better known brands expanding into additional states and markets.  Liquor Group’s ideology and business model offer brands versatility, bandwidth and flexibility needed to flourish in this multi-hundred billon dollar market.