Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Florida's Largest MargaritaFest Features Liquor Group Products

Jacksonville, FL – Liquor Group Florida held court at Margarita Fest, the largest gathering of it’s type in Florida, boasting more than 5,000 guests all intent on sampling the finest tequilas available in the market.  Liquor Group featured multiple tequila brands and offered Binboa Vodka with Binboa flavors as well as Rhythm Liqueurs as an extra surprise for the guests. 

Liquor Group's featured tequila brands at this years event included Tradicion Azul Tequla, Tejano Rodeo Blanco, Punta Serena Tequilas and Happy Tequila. These product lines each have a specific target audience; Tradicion Azul for those who know what it is to have a “Tequila Story”, Tejano Rodeo for the authentic tequila experience, Punta Serena for a high end tequila sampling and Happy Tequila for those who love the cute bottles and smooth product inside them, all were welcome additions to the tequila landscape at this massive event.

All products at the Liquor Group tables were served up to the guests using Tavern Mixers including Mai Tai, Sweet & Sour, Margarita, Pina Colada and Tripe Sec all of which lead the event for compliments on quality and taste.   

Photos from the event: