Friday, March 14, 2008

The Eighth Annual Starry Night Gala

The Eighth Annual STARRY NIGHT GALA, March 22, 2008 benefits The Victory Center for Autism and Behavioral Challenges and Honors

Miami-Dade Commissioner Sally H. Heyman, State Representatives Marcelo Llorente and Juan Carlos Planas

Miami/FL. The Eighth Annual Starry Night Gala is to be held Saturday, March 22 at Westview Country Club in Miami, Florida. Proceeds from the Starry Night Gala will be donated to the Victory Center for Autism and Behavioral Challenges. The mission of The Victory School, Inc. a Florida non-sectarian, non–for-profit Corporation provides children with autism and similar disorders comprehensive individualized treatment. The student’s receive one-to-one therapy within a classroom setting based on the principals pioneered by B.F. Skinner and his Applied Behavior Analysis.

The Benefit Cocktail Reception, Gourmet Dinner and Silent Auction will raise funds through donations of couture and unique pieces of fashion and fine jewelry. The event honors Miami-Dade Commissioner Sally A. Heyman, and State Representatives Marcelo Llorente and Juan Carlos ‘J.C. Planas.

Gala Chair Judith S. Nelson, Esq. states, “Our Starry Night Gala’s are very important fundraising events for The Victory School. They are also lots of fun. Where else can you eat, drink, dance and shop while helping children?”

Liquor Group ®, President and Founder Christopher ‘C.J.’ Eiras has confirmed that a full spectrum of premium spirits including whiskey, scotch, vodka and pre-made martinis will be donated to the Starry Night Gala. “Nothing is so full of victory as fortitude”, states Liquor Group ®, spokesperson Lowell Newman who confirms that Liquor Group, a national premium spirits distributor, “has created a business model that builds on two bottom lines; one fiscal and the other philanthropic”.

Recognizing the many worthwhile humanitarian organizations that depend on underwriting from companies and the community at large, Newman attributes part of Liquor Group’s growth and success to being active in supporting local charities and foundations. Among the multiple causes the company supports are the Rhythm Foundation, the For Darfur ® organization and the forthcoming Sicilian Film Festival.

For more information on products, or for the Liquor Group sales representative in your area, call 1-866-REACH-LG (1-866-732-2454) or via the internet at