Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Liquor Group Posts HUGE Gains in Sales!

Novi, MI

Liquor Group Michigan, the fourth largest spirits brokerage in the state announced today that their average weighted case sales from September 2006 to September 2007 are up more than 1000%! These massive increases are due in part to the untapped sales potential in many of the fine products that are represented as well as the financial leverage granted to Liquor Group Wholesale by utilizing their Patent Pending Bailment Distribution system. Utilizing the services of Liquor Group, major brands such as Pravda Vodka have seen increases of sales into the 1000% range on a month over month basis and the entire portfolio of distilleries such as Hood River Distillers have enjoyed average monthly sales increases of more than 200%! The Happy line of products has shown a steady triple digit increase in sales as well as many of the 1600+ products represented by Liquor Group.

“The growth of sales is staggering…” says Steven Dodge, VP of Control State Operations for Liquor Group “…many other brands are struggling to meet last years numbers, however our portfolio continues to gain momentum breaking sales records each month.” This dramatic upward sales trend is not common in the industry, as the average growth in spirits is only about 5-8% per annum, making Liquor Group a hot commodity in the spirits sales arena.

Although Liquor Group uses cutting edge technology for sales ordering and inventory management, the values of the organization are very traditional. “Brands have to understand our approach and embrace it to enjoy the fruits of success…” says Lowell Newman, VP of License State Operations for Liquor Group “…as in any business venture, you reap what you sew, and we try to work with brands to help them invest marketing dollars into programs that will yield them long term success, not just short term sales increases.” This approach has proven time over time to bring success to brand owners and importers willing to support their products in the marketplace.

With the percentage of sales increases that are being posted, who can argue with the logic?

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