Thursday, January 17, 2008

Liquor Group does Sundance

Park City, UT
Liquor Group joins Florida Film Commission at Sundance 2008, To Host World Premiere Reception for “The Year of Getting to Know Us”

Park City, Utah-Sundance: The Year of Getting to Know Us has joined the Sundance 2008 Film Festival to be screened in the official Premiere Category. The World Premiere is slated to debut on January 24, 2008 with a lavish invitation only reception to follow, sponsored in part by Liquor Group and the Florida Film Commission.

The Year of Getting to Know Us is a USA full length feature film directed by Patrick Sisam, whose most recent oeuvre includes Rescuing Desire and the critically acclaimed Wedding Banquet. Produced in part by Lou Maggio, under his RING Production, LLC banner, the dramedy is a saga of domestic discord and reconciliation.

A father played by Tom Arnold and son played by Jimmy Fallon are closer in blood but painfully divided by the diverging course of their lives. The moral motion of the film is fairly predictable-the departure, the return, and redemption of the prodigal son who grew up to become a commitment phobic man. He reunites with his estranged ailing father and in ways unexpected comes to terms with his own childhood.

Ultimately they discover how much they have in common. The Year of Getting to Know Us is a dramedy about life and finding the humor in it. Featuring other A-list actors such as Sharon Stone, Lucy Liu and Illeana Douglas, it is a universal story of family and their ineffable joys and agonies.

Filmed in Jacksonville, Florida where Liquor Group is also headquartered, The Year of Getting to Know Us (working title Eliot Rocket) is right on it’s scheduled its production and release. This is a rare instance in the precarious arena of self financed independent films.

First announced by the JEDC Film & Television office in February 2007, the production has been on an accelerated fast track since. By April, it was crewed up and shooting principal scenes on location in and around historical and lush Jacksonville, Florida. “The local budget came in on its estimated 2.5 million with supporting business to have increased that figure by an additional million or so. With catering, housing, ground transportation and all the incidentals that are not directly film related the economic impact has been very favorable,” states Todd Roobin, JEDC Film Commissioner.

The Jacksonville Mayor John Peyton lauded the Year of Getting to Know Us when it was announced during a news conference last year. “I am extremely pleased to see a local Jacksonville business invest, produce and help promote films utilizing our beautiful city and dedicated workforce. The Year of Getting to Know Us is the types of production that makes a significant contribution to our film and television infrastructure, local economy and enhances our film reputation to the major motion picture industry.”

States Maggio, “Ring Productions is right on schedule to produce one to two independent films each year, with Jacksonville serving as the main filming location. The Company is comprised of partners including Lance Ringhaver, Ed Machek, Mike Ossi, Howard Butler and Lawrence Najem, who bring their own expertise and film knowledge to the company. In addition to, the law offices of Ossi, Butler, Najem & Rosario, who represent the William Morris Agency and John Travolta.

“With my partners and I being natives of Florida, our goal is to bring original feature productions and documentaries to the Jacksonville market that resonate with audiences everywhere while we utilize the local workforce and supporting businesses in the area,” said Lou Maggio, President & CEO of RING Productions, LLC.

Liquor Group is sponsoring the After Party Reception and a lavish hospitality room throughout the Sundance Film Festival January 17 through the 27. An innovative specialty spirits distributor based in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. “It is our goal to sample some of the finest mixologists' creations instead of simply displaying our products in and around Sundance. Among those premium artisanal sprits gracing throughout the Park City confab are Happy Rum with its winking smiley face logo, some of the finest scotch this side of Braveheart, from the house of Gordon MacPhail, and RU the official Vodka of the Imperial Court of Russia,” confirms Liquor Group President/CEO C.J. Eiras.

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