Friday, March 7, 2008

LG Signs on 3 Araks

The Guestsso Family has once again partnered with Liquor Group, a specialty liquor distributor based in Ponte Vedra, Florida, who has agreed to represent Arak El Rif Green, “Premium Proof Reserve”, Arak El Rif Red, “Special Proof Reserve” and Arak El Rami as part of their premium spirits portfolio. “We believe we have found three of the highest quality, best tasting Araks on the market to date.” says Lowell Newman, Product Manager of Liquor Group.

Arak El Rif Green, is 106 proof, and is available in both 750ml and 375ml. Since 1828, El Rif is the rarest, most magical Arak you’ll ever experience. Selected from the finest of grapes and anise seeds, Arak El Rif is a noble Lebanese specialty which has been treasured and savored for centuries in Lebanon. The art of producing El Rif lies on an extremely secret formula and technique devised by the fifth generation of the finest Arak producers.

Arak El Rif Red is a 140 proof special reserve. When knowledge meets perfection a challenge is met. This is a bet won! The outcome is discovered, a precious white gold gift. Arak El Rif is the finest and most prestigious Arak ever made. Carefully blended from the finest eau-de-vie vin imported from Cognac and distilled with a selection of highest quality of anise seeds. El Rif combines a distinct bouquet with an incomparable roundness of body, sure to please the pallet of the connoisseur. Arak El Rif Red is available in 750ml and 375ml.

Arak El Rami from the makers of Arak El Rif, is a 106 proof, with a more contemporary style. With a slightly lighter anise flavor from a blend of three select varieties of seed. The base is the same unaged marc brandy from the Cognac region of France. Arak El Rami is presented in a tall frosted bottle that is available in 750ml.

For more information on products, or for the Liquor Group sales representative in your area, call 1-866-REACH-LG (1-866-732-2454) or via the internet at