Saturday, May 12, 2007

Liquor Group yells FORE!

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Everyone knows that golf and Scotch Whisky go hand in hand, the liquor industry knows that fine Scotch and the Liquor Group ( are nearly synonymous…so it is no wonder that Old St. Andrews Whisky Limited ( has selected Liquor Group to exclusively represent its’ full line of Scotch Whisky products in the US. These distinctive products are a staple of golf gift giving, and Scotch drinking, with a variety of “patent protected” white and clear glass 50 mL golf ball shaped mini bottles to mid and jumbo sized golf ball bottles.

“Two of the great things Scotland has given to the world are whisky and golf. At Old St. Andrews we put both together in a bottle for all to enjoy.” says John Donald, President of Old St. Andrews Limited who has been selling premium Scotch in golf ball shaped bottles for over 30 years. “This product has always been a winner as evidenced by the longevity and breadth of worldwide sales…” says Gray C. Solomon, Managing Member of Liquor Group “For Liquor Group to be selected to exclusively market this product line in the United States is a great honor for our organization.”

The first shipment of Old St. Andrews reached Liquor Group in the first week of January, 2007 due in no small part to the excellent logistic services provided by Exel Transportation ( who through the years has exclusively provided International Logistics and Container Transport for Liquor Group and is a key component of our rapid success.

The Old St. Andrews Scotch products are award winning for their clever design, thoughtful packaging featuring historic golf greats and as quoted by Jim Murray, world renowned whiskey critic and author of the Whiskey Bible 2006 ( “Old St Andrews Clubhouse Whisky (Score 90 – Brilliant) is clean as a whistle: both malts and grains are young but proudly so. Mouthwatering: clear as the morning dew on the first green and no less grassy. Fresh and lacking any sort of pretensions. It has quality enough.”

Liquor Group boasts the largest selection of single malt Scotches available in the United States, with offerings from most every major distillery in Scotland. This is due in no small part to their commitment to training of their sales staff and education of their customers. “Our customers have been begging us for this product ever since we announced the contract to them…” says Lowell Newman, Brand Ambassador for Liquor Group “…now it’s finally time to deliver it to them!”

Liquor Group began marketing the golf ball bottles immediately, first in Florida and Michigan, then in several more of the 31 US states in which Liquor Group operates based on availability; with additional sizes available as more shipments arrive in the US. “The Control States will accept Old St. Andrews Golf Ball Scotch bottles with open arms…” says Steve Dodge, Liquor Group Michigan State Manager “…the packaging alone will sell tens of thousands of units in every state we offer it, and of course the country clubs and golf community will be all over it!” Liquor Group is ‘Teeing Up’ this great product so watch out for it, or should we just say ‘fore’!

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