Monday, November 24, 2008

Liquor Group CEO interviewed on CEO Cast

News commentator and stock analyst Gary Nash chose C. J. Eiras, CEO of Liquor Group Wholesale (OTCBB:LIQR) as their CEO interview of the week today on Liquor Group Wholesale is an emerging publicly traded company who has aggressively grown in market share in 31 States where it operates representing more than 1700 products. The interview was a frank discussion about small cap companies competing for market presence and shareholder attention, as well as why shareholders should pay attention to what Liquor Group is doing in the changing landscape of alcohol beverage distribution, including how Liquor Group has continued to make triple digit gains in sales in multiple markets in the US even during this tough time in the economy.

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Nash's questions ranged from value propositions of the company to strategies for rising above the noise in this tumultuous period in the market. To learn more or to listen to the entire webcast, simply visit and select the Liquor Group interview in the latest interview section.

Information on Liquor Group Wholesale’s financials and business operations is available on Liquor Group's website.

Liquor Group Wholesale, Inc.
Jason Bandy