Thursday, May 20, 2010

Liquor Group Grabs More Fat Ass Than Ever Before!

Jacksonville FL – Liquor Group Wholesale (Publicly Traded:LIQR) expanded their high-quality, mass-market brands in their distribution channel by adding the Reposado and Anjeo versions of “Fat Ass Tequila” (  Less than a year ago Fat Ass Blanco Tequila was first made available in the US through Liquor Group in Florida, now there is Fat Ass available in many states as part of a multi-state Liquor Group distribution program.  Award winning Fat Ass representative Ron Pointer, describes these ultra-premium tequilas as "Hands down the smoothest, best finishing, most sincere tequila experience available in the United States."

Major advertising and promotions included features in Maxim Magazine among others which cumulatively generated great interest in the brand throughout the US.  Liquor Group Product Manager Lowell Newman noted "…absolutely silky finish, head and shoulders above the competition."

In the past 10 months, Liquor Group has represented more than $1M of Fat Ass to the current markets, which only includes this months initial $100K of fulfilled demand for the Reposado or Anejo versions of the product.

Liquor Group Wholesale’s successful innovative approach to the distribution industry has been a key element in the growth and development of many mid sized, small and emerging brands.  Liquor Group’s corporate model and culture now finds success with larger, better known brands expanding into additional states and markets.  Liquor Group’s ideology and business model offer brands versatility, bandwidth and flexibility needed to flourish in this multi-hundred billon dollar market.