Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Liquor Group Illinois Acquisition Exceeds Expectations

June 23, 2010 – Chicago, IL – Liquor Group Wholesale, Inc (LIQR) is pleased to announce to shareholders that the investment made into Liquor Group Illinois has significantly exceeded early expectations.  Since the re-branding of this recently-acquired statewide alcohol distribution operation through a publicly announced stock vesting acquisition strategy in October 2009, LIQR has added more than 300 new spirit and wine products to the Liquor Group Illinois distribution portfolio, and has delivered more than $1,000,000 worth of product in the past sixty days alone.  This is only the second of 32 such planned acquisitions for LIQR. 

"We anticipated strong interest in our products, several hundred of which are now available in the Illinois market for the first time…" said C.J. Eiras, CEO "…the Illinois sales force has done an outstanding job, requiring many suppliers to send multiple inventory restocking deliveries over this very short period." 

Many of the thousands of products represented by Liquor Group are competitors to mainstream brands from Diageo (NYSE:DEO), Pernod Ricard (ADR:PDRDF), Brown Foreman (NYSE:BF/A), Fortune Brands (NASDAQ:FO) and Constellation Brands (NYSE:STZ), however they reach a different audience and consumer, either through alternative marketing, selection due to ethnic tradition or by packaging or taste preference.     

Liquor Group Wholesale VP & Product Manager Lowell Newman anticipates that dozens of additional new product will be introduced to the Liquor Group Illinois portfolio within the next month, a development that is sure to help extend the blistering sales pace throughout the summer.  “The systematic operational strategy is not to overwhelm the sales force with too many new products at one time…” says Newman “…rather we prefer that our reps understand fully the products being presented, so they can embrace the knowledge, educate their licensed customer base, whom will eventually assist the end user consumer in their decision making process at the cash register.”

Liquor Group Illinois is rapidly expanding; a well seasoned team of 15 sales representatives headed by Director Alex Chudnovsky, with Sales Manager Vadim Klugman and Marketing Manager Yuri Zamostin assuring a sales representation presence throughout the state.  “It has been an amazing experience…” says Chudnovsky, who’s distribution company was purchased by LIQR in October of 2009 “…the systems, technology and unique methodology that is utilized by Liquor Group in every facet of the operation facilitates sales, grows our business and drives our profits.  After years of trying it ourselves we now realize that we could not have grown and thrived like we have in this tough market without being part of Liquor Group.”