Sunday, April 15, 2007

Harbrew has selected Liquor Group for representation

Novi, Michigan

Liquor Group Michigan signs the Harbrew Imports spirits portfolio, while additional LG states are under consideration. Harbrew has selected Liquor Group for representation of the balance of their portfolio in Michigan as a strategic move towards alternative distribution. Liquor Group Michigan is one of the newest subsidiaries of Liquor Group, a spirits, wine, beer and bar supply distribution organization operating in 31 US States and several international markets. “Harbrew offers unique products that are readily identified and enjoyed in the Michigan Market…” says Steve Dodge, Michigan State Manager for Liquor Group “…the Hot Irishman Irish Coffee Brand and the Molly’s Irish Crème are staples of cold weather alcohol consumption and Tis’ the Season!”

Harbrews’ President Rich DeChico was recently awarded “Businessman of the Year” in Ireland, due in part to his clever approach to the spirits industry and brand development. The Harbrew Portfolio includes Molly's Irish Cream, The Hot Irishman, Georges Vesselle Champagne, Yanjing Beer, St. Andrews Whiskey, XQ Tequila, Red Hammer Vodka, Clock O’ the North and Lion Gri Wines. The addition of the Harbrew portfolio further strengthens the position and resolve of Liquor Group Michigan as a player in the control state spirits realm. Liquor Group Michigan will also be launching the latest Harbrew product to hit the US: “The Irishman” Irish Whisky.

“Our fair handed approach to brands of all volumes has provided a means by which a product can have fair representation in any of the Liquor Group territories….” says Gray C. Solomon, Managing Member of Liquor Group “…we are the ‘Even Playing Field Guys’ of the industry.” This approach has been met well with brand owners whom have flocked to Liquor Group in recent months to enjoy the benefits that the organization provides. It is a good chance that while you read this article the next bottle of spirits purchased in Michigan will be from a brand represented by Liquor Group.

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