Friday, March 21, 2008

Liquor Group presents Argentina’s Premium Rum

Liquor Group, the specialty spirits distributor, has signed a deal with Lantrix to represent

Argentina’s best kept secret, Isla N Rum. Available in 4 distinct styles White Rum, Gold Rum, Lemon Rum, and Coconut Rum. The quality is in the details with Isla N Rum. All the rums are produced in 100% copper stills, with the “slow distillation” method. The molasses used to make Isla N is carefully selected for high sugar content, which improves the aromas; Canadian yeast is used in a slow controlled fermentation process. Isla N Rum is one of the purest rums in today’s market due to the attention to craftsmanship, and the desire of perfection. Isla N Rum only uses the heat of the rum, holding true to Isla N Rum’s boutique distiller’s values in quality over high product output. The result is a work of art in every glass.

Isla N White Rum is an 86 point, rated by Bar & Drinks Magazine, premium rum. This is one of the few types of white Rum with real French Oak aromas. Isla N White Rum is filtered in natural minerals from North Argentina; the result is a rain-fall clear rum that retains its entire original flavor. Isla N White Rum will enhance the flavor of your favorite cocktail.

Isla N Gold Rum is the newest edition to the Isla N family and is the perfect blend of French-oak aged rums, perfect to be sipped on the rocks.

Isla N Lemon-flavored Rum is the perfect choice for your “rum and cola” drink. With its natural lemon flavor we suggest something a little different, try Isla N Lemon with either tonic water or ginger ale.

Isla N Coconut-flavored Rum is smooth and sophisticated. Isla N Coconut is one of the best selling spirits in the world. Unlike the leader in the coconut rum category adds alcohol to their spirit. Isla N Coconut is bottled pure and naturally flavored. A great suggestion for the summer is adding Isla N Coconut to a cosmopolitan.

You can visit the Isla N Rum website at . To find out more about Isla N Rums or any other products available through Liquor Group visit www. or call
1-866-REACH-LG (1-866-732-2454.