Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Prichard's Distillery Launched By Liquor Group Michigan

Novi MI –Liquor Group Wholesale, Inc. (LIQR) and its’ state level brokerage affiliate Liquor Group Michigan have recently launched the Prichard's Distillery line of Tennessee Rums, Liqueurs and Bourbon Whiskey in the nation's largest Control State market.  Steve Dodge, VP of Liquor Group Wholesale noted that Prichard's products have won numerous awards and are widely recognized for their outstanding quality.  "These products prove that the US can easily compete with Caribbean and South American rums in taste, price and quality; and of course domestically we have always been known for our fine whiskeys." said Dodge.

The family run Prichard's Distillery is located in the small town of Kelso, TN and since 1997 has been producing and expanding a line of rums including Crystal Rum, Fine Rum, Cranberry Rum, Key Lime Rum and Sweet Georgia Belle, a Peach and Mango flavored Rum Liqueur.  More recently Prichard has turned his attention to Whiskeys, with the addition of Double Barrel Bourbon Whiskey, Sweet Lucy (an Apricot-Orange Whiskey based Liqueur) and a soon to be available an award winning Single Malt Whiskey.  For more information regarding the Prichard's Distillery line of products visit their website at http://www.PrichardsDistillery.com